Wallace Meyaski Presents Workshop on Post-Pandemic Labor Challenges

May 11, 2022
The past two years have been difficult on employees and employers alike regardless of size or industry. And, during the same time, much has changed in the labor and employment law arena.  In order to help clients navigate this changing landscape,  Wallace Meyaski co-hosted a complimentary workshop on post-pandemic labor challenges with one of its own clients, HR NOLA, a New Orleans-based HR consulting firm. The workshop focused on employer adjustments to a post-COVID workplace reality and updated business from the across the region on new employment laws and related legal developments that could have been easily missed during the pandemic. Key legal topics included: a review of the pandemic’s impact on the workplace; a discussion of key legal issues related to remote work and other reasonable accommodations; an update on new employment laws employers may have missed during the pandemic; a summary of recruitment and retention challenges; and an overview of best practices and policies to adapt to new workplace realities.
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