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Complex Civil Litigation

Trial skills matter. An attorney’s ability to tell their client’s story in a way that is clear and easy to understand to those making the decision can make all the difference in a client’s case. Our lawyers bring substantial courtroom experience and the ability to connect with people to every matter our firm handles.  Our lawyers are fully prepared to pursue or defend our clients’ interests at all levels of the legal system, including state and federal court, mediation, or arbitration. From compliance counseling to settlement negotiations, motion practice, trial, and appeal, Wallace Meyaski offers a full range of complex civil litigation services to meet our client’s legal and business objectives, whatever they may be.

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Commercial Litigation

We believe that the test of a true litigator is the ability to take a case – no matter how complex and no matter the subject matter – and make it simple so that a jury or a judge can easily understand the issues. That belief is critical to our success in handling complex commercial litigation matters.Based upon our team’s broad and diverse experience, our lawyers are well-positioned to handle most any type of business dispute. For example, Todd served for years as Vice Chair of the Commercial Litigation Section of one of the region’s most respected law firms, Liskow & Lewis, where he also headed the firm’s antitrust and trade regulation practice group. Stacey has been involved in over 100 trials covering a broad range of commercial matters across multiple industries. And Monica has been involved in complex estate, trust, and family law cases both in and out of Louisiana.Our commercial litigation practice includes the prosecution and defense of the following claims:• Breach of contract cases

• Lease disputes
• Antitrust and unfair trade practice claims
• Intellectual property matters
• Lending and banking litigation
• Professional liability matters
• Breach of fiduciary duty
• Construction litigation
• Tax litigation
• Employment disputes
• Trust litigation
• False Claims and Qui Tam (Whistleblower) litigation

Our team has handled these types of commercial disputes for individuals and businesses across multiple industries including the energy, oil and gas, banking, construction, and healthcare industries, just to name a few. We pride ourselves in being tenacious, but principled and efficient trial lawyers.  While we love to try cases, we are aware that a traditional trial is not always the best option for every commercial dispute. We have participated in successful mediations and arbitrations to secure the best results for our clients. At Wallace Meyaski, we use a straightforward approach to evaluating your commercial case and your needs, making sure we never lose sight of your goals.

Casualty and Personal Injury

A personal injury can change your life forever in a blink of an eye. If you have been injured by the careless or negligent actions or inactions of another, you have the right to pursue fair compensation for your medical bills, loss of wages, and other financial, medical, and emotional losses. We take great pride in working for individuals who have suffered serious or catastrophic injury. Our lawyers are experienced in the investigation and litigation of casualty and personal injury matters and we aggressively pursue compensation for our clients at a time when they need us the most.We handle personal injury claims involving motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, premises liability matters, and products liability claims. As experienced trial lawyers, we also have the knowledge and know how to challenge insurance companies on their decision to decline coverage to injured clients. Our approach to helping injured victims is simple:  we focus solely on what the client needs and deserves to put their life back together following the intentional or negligence acts of others. With each case, we strive to be more thorough, more knowledgeable, and more diligent than our opponents.

Property Damage Litigation

Like many of you, we lost our own homes and irreplaceable possessions during Hurricane Katrina. And, like you, we experienced in our own personal lives how insurance companies use various tactics to avoid paying a fair price for damages to property whenever possible.  We all pay expensive insurance premiums so that our property is protected in the event of a hurricane, flood, fire, or other disaster. Nothing is more frustrating and, at times, heartbreaking then to suffer a measurable loss of property only to be denied coverage or offered an unfair settlement by your insurance company.Although clients may lose sight of this from time to time, the insurance adjuster is not working for you.  The only way to ensure that someone is working on your behalf is to retain an experienced lawyer who you can trust to pursue the insurance benefits you need to rebuild your life no matter what the damage you sustained. As experienced trial lawyers, we will aggressively protect your interests and seek full and fair compensation from the losses you have suffered due to hurricane, flood, and other events.


The truth of the matter is that not all cases end in settlement or at the trial court level.  Instead, adverse rulings during or at the end of a trial can make or break any case. Similarly, the party prevailing at the lower court level must have experienced appellate lawyers on their side to preserve a favorable decision to ensure that the final judgment is not overturned on appeal.As a result, appeals require seasoned lawyers like us—lawyers who understand the unique audience of the appellate courts and their expectations. We know how to craft persuasive themes, how to make a brief resonate with the appellate courts, and how to tailor the arguments on appeal in the most effective manner. Our lawyers have honed their appellate skills through years of experience in the state and federal appellate systems and through state and federal clerkships, including the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.We are experienced in representing clients in state and federal appeals involving a wide range of practice areas including personal injury, large-scale casualty, business litigation, and other complex civil disputes. Our lawyers are licensed and admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the Louisiana Supreme Court, and the intermediate federal and state appeal courts in Louisiana.We are also often called upon to serve as appellate counsel in matters tried by other firms. If you have questions regarding a potential misapplication of the law, legal errors or mistakes made by counsel, or other concerns regarding a prior ruling on your existing case, it is important to act quickly before filing deadlines lapse. Contact us and we will happy to sit down with you for a free consultation about your case.


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