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Wallace Meyaski

Wallace Meyaski is not simply the name of yet another law firm. It represents so much more to us.  In life, we should all be so blessed to come across strangers who touch our lives in such a way that, over time, those strangers become friends and then ultimately family. Stacey, Monica, Todd, and their families forged such a bond in the rebuilding of their hurricane-battered homes following Hurricane Katrina, in raising their kids in their Lakeview neighborhood, and in supporting one another during life’s most difficult journeys. Based upon this foundation of friendship, family, and experience, Wallace Meyaski was born.

Located in our own backyard, Wallace Meyaski is a boutique law firm offering high-quality legal services at exceptional values to individuals and businesses of all sizes.  We seek to distinguish ourselves by redefining the way lawyers work with and serve their clients by offering a flexible, collaborative approach to the practice of law.  And, we bring together in one firm a highly unique combination of strengths and perspectives based upon our various legal backgrounds and diverse experiences … big firm litigators, small firm practitioners, judicial law clerks, preeminent legal educators, and community leaders.

Our lawyers are proven problem-solvers who know when litigation offers the best course of action or when efficient negotiation, cooperation, and resolution serves the client’s best interest.  And, we pride ourselves in getting out in front of our clients’ legal issues and potential hurdles before they overwhelm their personal lives or businesses.  Whether you need assistance litigating a complex business dispute, resolving a personal injury or property damage claim, or simply solving life’s everyday legal issues, let us show you how we can make a difference in your life.

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