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Estate Planning

Estate planning encompasses a broad range of legal services that focus on the acquisition, preservation, and disposition of an individual’s assets during life, upon death, and after death.  Our dedicated team aims to properly carry out the client’s wishes in accordance with Louisiana law, while carefully considering tax implications as well as familial relationships which play a large role in the decision making process.  Our range of services helps to ensure financial security during life and to arrange for the well being of heirs upon death.  Beyond the basic necessity of will preparation and disposition electives, that include donations, revocable and irrevocable trusts, and powers of attorney, our team provides the client with a comprehensive estate plan that encompasses every area as well as stage of life.  From business planning agreements to advance directives, and other estate planning instruments, our firm creates a custom tailored estate plan that fits the needs of the client and allows the client to control his assets while properly preparing for the future.  Estate planning and administration also includes handling matters related to the administration of estates, trusts, interdictions and tutorships, the probate of wills, determination of heirship, will contests and interpretation lawsuits, and other proceedings related to the disposition of a loved one’s assets after death.  Working with our team ensures peace of mind as well as protections of assets.

Our estate planning services include:


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