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Our Approach

When clients choose to work with Wallace Meyaksi, they get a legal team that becomes part of their team. We pride ourselves on our commitment and conformance to our clients’ guidelines and their specific expectations for the attorney-client relationship. We believe that the best legal strategy is a collaborative relationship and we are focused on keeping our clients informed throughout the process.  As part of your team, we take the time and effort to know and understand your specific business and industry so that we can better advise you on the best course of action.  And we do so on our own time without charging a client to learn their business.How do we accomplish this collaborative approach?  We’ve based our business model on four core principles that we feel define who we are as a law firm. We are confident that our clients will find these beliefs and standards are what separate us from other lawyers.

Flexibility Leads to Affordability

Although there are inevitable costs involved when hiring an attorney, it is often far less expensive than not doing so. Acting alone without proper legal counsel will almost always lead to costly problems and unsavory results.

To make your relationship with us more affordable, we offer flexible fee structures to ensure affordability. Wallace Meyaski offers traditional billable hours, flat fee, capped fee, and contingency fee arrangements.  We also offer a blended fee model combining traditional billable hours but with a capped total fee to ensure that the client is never surprised by unexpected fees for which he or she did not budget. And, if you decide that a traditional billable hour approach is the best method for your business, you can take comfort in knowing that our rates are some of the most affordable and competitive in the Gulf South.  Quite simply, we will work with you to ensure you receive top-notch legal guidance and services without spending a lot.

Focus on Small and Medium Businesses and Individuals

Too often in a legal dispute, smaller businesses and individuals are “out spent” and intimidated by the larger law firms and their even larger corporate clients. However, we believe that every business – no matter how big or small – deserves the best legal team possible.  While the lawyers at Wallace Meyaski have decades of experience in representing some of country’s largest corporations, it is our goal to make this same experience accessible and affordable for small and medium sized businesses and individuals alike.

We are experienced in handling most any legal issue facing a small business.  We will be with you each step of the way on matters such as corporate formation, negotiation and drafting of contracts and leases, HR compliance, management of corporate governance, risk management, acquisitions, and business litigation. In addition to our flexible fee structures, we also offer unique General Counsel or HR Director packages for a fixed monthly fee.  Most businesses cannot afford the salary and benefit expenses or the time associated with training an in-house attorney or human resource director despite the critical roles each of these play in most businesses.  Wallace Meyaski can handle those day-to-day in-house legal or HR roles at a fraction of the cost of either hiring a full-time executive or relying exclusively on law firm counsel on an hourly basis.


As part of our commitment to create a true partnership with each of our clients, we believe in being accessible and within reach of our clients 24/7.  We make it our personal duty to return calls and correspondence promptly, while ensuring each and every client knows they are very important to us. Our clients will never be surprised about the status of their case.  Our firm keeps a manageable caseload at all times in an effort to provide a higher standard of personalized service with in-depth research and due diligence towards educated, informed decisions. We work closely with all clients to provide honest, friendly service and an overall positive legal experience with excellent results, no matter what the nature of your case may be.

Open & Honest Representation

We believe honesty is the single highest priority in our partnership with clients. As attorneys, it is our sworn duty to act in the best interest of our clients within the bounds of the law. For some, that comes in the form of guidance, consultation, courtroom representation, or education.  When working with us, you’ll always hear the complete and honest truth, regardless of whether or not you want to.

Simply put, clients deserve more.  We feel the term “client” exudes a distance and lack of personal relationship. Wallace Meyaski believes in partnerships and genuine dedication to those who choose to work with us. Clients have the right to expect more from their lawyers.  They have the right to be treated with the highest level of honesty, confidentiality, respect and compassion. They deserve an attorney with their best interests in mind – someone who cares for their well being on a personal level. Clients also have the right to know the specifics of pricing and services before signing-on, with detailed explanations of each.

Find out how Wallace Meyaski’s approach to the practice of law can make a difference in your business or personal life.

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