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Our approach to the practice of law is as unique as our clients.

Solving our clients' most difficult legal problems.

Personal Attention. Proven experience. Exceptional Results.
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Wallace Meyaski

We founded Wallace Meyaski with an idea of changing the way lawyers work with and serve their clients. In our experience, most businesses view their lawyers as merely another vendor or as an unfortunate but necessary cost of doing business. Similarly, we have found that many individuals feel that lawyers are too often more concerned with their share of the fee rather than representing or litigating in the client’s best interest.

Clients should never be viewed as customers whose legal needs can be addressed with a “one size fits all” approach. We believe that each and every client is unique and their legal needs and expectations come in all shapes and sizes. As a result, we hope to redefine the attorney-client relationship by making it a true partnership tailored to each client’s specific needs. Welcome to a different legal experience. Welcome to Wallace Meyaski.

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Meet the Wallace Meyaski Team

Our lawyers are proven problem-solvers who know when litigation offers the best course of action or when efficient negotiation, cooperation, and resolution serves the client’s best interest.

Services We Provide

We offer comprehensive, high-quality legal services to meet the needs of individuals and businesses of all sizes.

"I can’t thank Todd and Mary enough for their time and efforts on my case. You showed compassion and sincerity each step of the way and gave me hope throughout. Mary always responded to my urgent calls for help so quickly, listened to me at my worst moments, and calmed me when no one else could. And the manner in which you both argued my case floored me with how compelling it was! Thank you for everything.”
- Elena N.
“I highly recommend Todd, Stacey and the Wallace Meyaski team. They were terrific in leading our class action to recover unpaid wages. The amounts they secured for me and my fellow co-workers meant the world to me and my family.  I can’t thank them enough for believing in our case."
- Jake B.
“I have came to rely on Wallace Meyaski for my outside legal advice. Not only are they an important and excellent resource for our company, but I do not hesitate to refer them to my own clients.”
- Margaret Bruzdzinski

CFO 1 Source, LLC

“The clients that I have referred to Wallace Meyaski have been extremely satisfied with both the quality of legal services provided and the professionalism of the customer service they received. I would highly recommend Todd and Stacey.”
- Craig Forshag

Human Resources Professional


We guarantee the best insurance services for all of our clients.

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“Exceeded my expectations”

Mark Wallace


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