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Common Questions

Are our communications privileged?

Yes. Any communications with our attorneys, including discussions we may have with you before you decide to hire us, are protected by the attorney-client privilege. You should comfortable telling us all of the facts of your case so that we can best advise you and protect your interests from the outset.

How do you charge for your legal services?

To make your relationship with us financially viable, we offer flexible fee structures to ensure affordability. We offer flat fee, capped fee, and contingency fee arrangements.  We also offer a blended fee model combining traditional billable hours but with a capped total fee to ensure that the client is never surprised by unexpected fees for which he or she did not budget.  For matters handled on a contingency fee basis, the client pays nothing unless money is recovered through a settlement or a judgment.  If and when there is a recovery, we will take a percentage of that recovery as the contingent fee.  The client also agrees to reimburse the firm for any litigation costs incurred during the case.  Those costs may include deposition fees, filing fees, investigation costs, and expert costs.  But, again, if there is no recovery, then the client is not responsible for any of those costs.  And, if you decide that a traditional billable hour approach is the best method for you, you can take comfort in knowing that our rates are some of the most affordable and competitive in the Gulf South. Quite simply, we will do our best to work with you to ensure that you receive top-notch legal guidance and services without spending a fortune.

My past lawyers never call me back. Are you different?

As part of our commitment to create a true partnership with each of our clients, we believe in being accessible and within reach of our clients 24/7. We make it my personal duty to return calls and correspondence promptly, while ensuring each and every client knows they are very important to us. Our clients will never be surprised about the status of their case.  We maintain a manageable caseload at all times in an effort to provide a higher standard of personalized service with in-depth research and due diligence towards educated, informed decisions. We work closely with all clients to provide honest, friendly service and an overall positive legal experience with excellent results, no matter what the nature of your case may be.

What is an engagement letter?

An engagement letter is a letter that we send to our new clients for you to review and sign at the beginning of our representation of you.  The letter makes clear that you are hiring us to do for you, how are fees will be billed by us and paid by you, and other specifics, rights, and obligations associated with the attorney-client relationship. The letter is often referred to as a “fee agreement” or a “retainer agreement” depending on the nature of the relationship and services to be provided.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit?

It depends. Under Louisiana law, a person who has suffered damages has a specific amount of time to file their claim, typically in the form of a lawsuit.  This period of time is called the prescriptive period (also known as the “statute of limitations” in other states and in federal court).  For example, if you have been injured, you must file within one year of your injury. If you fail to do so, your claim can be forever barred.  Determining the time in which a claim must be filed depends on the type of claim you wish to assert.  You should always check with an attorney to make sure that you understand how much time you have to assert you claim.

Can you guarantee a result in my case?

No.  And no lawyer can or should. Litigation can be quite uncertain. However, we can make this pledge to our clients: we will provide candid advice, vigorous representation, and professional judgment regarding how a matter may be resolved. But, again, we cannot make any guarantee regarding the outcome of a litigation matter.

Do you charge for an initial consultation?

No. We do not charge for you to give us a call or come in to discuss your case or your legal needs.  If we determine that our firm is best suited to represent you, we will work with you to come up with a fair fee arrangement.

Do you charge me every time I talk to you or every time you think about my case?

No. We do not bill you for every interaction with us. We do not charge you for every little email, or if we talk for a minute or two on the phone. We do our best not to “nickel and dime” our clients so you will not see charges on our bills for things like routine copy jobs, postage, overhead and/or office expenses.  And, we do not bill you for “thinking about your file” on our drive home from work.  We bill you for working your file and advancing your legal interests.

How often do you bill?

We generally invoice our clients on a monthly basis. However, from time to time, we will send invoices more or less frequently depending on the nature of the project and representation.  For example, for project-based matters such as the preparation of particular agreements, wills, and other documents, we typically invoice our client once the project has been completed.  More litigation matters are billed on a monthly basis unless we have agreed to handle the matter on a contingency fee basis.

How can I pay a bill?

We send all of our bills electronically (via email), unless you prefer otherwise.  You can pay bills by check or credit card.

What if I disagree with a bill?

We pride ourselves in carefully reviewing all bills to ensure accuracy and fairness.  However, if you have a question about one of our bills, please do not hesitate to let us know. However, we ask that you raise any questions right away (no later than 30 days of billing) as it is typically easier to address any questions while the matter is fresh on our minds. We will address any billing questions and potential disagreements in keeping with our core values of fairness and candor.

If I retain your firm, will I work directly with one of your attorneys?

Absolutely. When you retain Wallace Meyaski, you will work directly with Todd, Stacey, or Monica (or, in most cases, at least two of our attorneys). You will never have to rely on asking questions through a legal assistant, paralegal, or some other staff member.  You will speak and work directly with our attorneys during the course of your case or project.

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